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your well being is our reason for being.

The organization "CHEZ woodART" was created in 2006 to meet conjunctive needs in the building and public works sector. Our concern is to participate in everything related to furniture layout and installation, carpentry art, vinyl or decorative painting, electricity polishes, smooth or decorative staff coating.   Surrounded by a dynamic and qualified team, our intervention in this sector aims to create new jobs, and participate in the national economy, and generally honor its commitments towards its kind public customers be she or private. Surrounded by a competent group, together constituting a professional staff in the field, contributing to a rigorous process of development and selection, our philosophy is to provide the customer with a product and service in conditions of quality and competitiveness            Our work is done in accordance with the rules of art, obviously in coordination with the customer who will have the choice between the proposal of our variants Regards, the team CHEZwoodart 0667663039

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